Yikes McGee plays the D.C. rallies and demonstrations, performing on stages at McPherson Square, Lafayette Park - across the street from the White House, Farragut Square, Meridian/Malcolm X Park, and Upper Senate Park outside the Senate offices, including performances for D.A.W.N. (D.C. Antiwar Network), ReDefeat Bush, the Dennis Kucinich campaign, World Can't Wait, and various other organizations Yikes is a long time folk singer from the Baltimore/D.C. area. He has played on farms and at fairs and parks and festivals, including the Takoma Park Folk Festival, at coffeehouses, clubs and concerts. He has also produced over 100 folk concerts around Baltimore. About 6 years ago, influenced, if not overwhelmed by ever-worsening political events leading from the “election” of 2000, and to the war in Iraq, Yikes began writing simple, catchy, anti-Bush, anti-rightwing songs. The resulting album, “Propagandy” is widely played on Air America Radio, Pacifica Radio Stations, on leading independent political radio shows, by such progressive luminaries as Thom Hartmann, Peter Werbe, and Mike Malloy. Several of these songs have appeared on a variety of compilation CDs of protest music, on websites and blogs. Of the first four songs released, the “Bad President” has been downloaded 1,000’s of times from various internet sites, and is played regularly on left-wing radio. “Propagandy” was featured by NPR’s “All Songs Considered,” in an online forum. “The Cowboy President” is played repeatedly on Air America Radio, and was included with some of these others on a compilation CD of political songs, produced by Sea Lion Records. “PNAC: or the Neo-Masters of War” has been played on a number of shows and is a recurring favorite of Meria Heller on her highly rated political web-radio show. Yikes has added songs to the collection along the way. These new songs too, have gotten radio play and Internet attention, especially, “The Liar,” which seems to be popular after major Bush speeches. “Hello Mama,” a bin Laden ballad is a crowd pleaser and gets downloaded a lot. Political protest has a long tradition in American music and in folk music throughout the centuries. Yikes McGee is a folk-singer first, putting the traditional style to good use on his new political folk/protest songs for the new Millennium.