From the recording <b>Hello Mama</b>

What's bin Laden bin doin'?


Hello Mama
Hello Mama. It’s me, Osama
Guess you’re worried, wonderin’
Where I been stayin’
Got in a world of trouble
I lit out on the double
Hidin’ out in Pakistan,
I’m eatin’ good, and I’m prayin’.

I thought Bush would come lookin’
But, I guess I’m off the hook
Even though I am to blame.
He went off to Iraq
Hasn’t come back
I heard they arrested old Saddam Hussein.

It’s hard to decipher the Bushes
They’d rather go settle that score
Now they’re allied with lackeys,
Attackin’ Iraqis
While I run the terrorist war.
Yeah ma, I run the terrorist war

Mama, it’s hard to hide
‘Cause you know I’m six-foot-five
In a land where the people are short
I just slip on a burqa
Head on down the loya jirga
Poke around all day at the Sharia court!

I should be in Heaven
Behind 9/11, by now,
At least that’s what I thought.
But to be a martyr,
You gotta get slaughtered
And to do that you need to get caught.

I’m tired of waitin’ round for the Bushes
I pass the time. I do what I can
Pray all day,
Make videos,
Hang out with the Taliban.
We’re workin’ on the Taliban plan.

If I could get out of this
Kidney dialysis
I ‘d be a free man, but alas.
You’d think they’d be able
To follow that cable
Right down through the middle of Krackerstan Pass.

They smoked me out,
They got me runnin’
Then they stopped comin’
What made them give up on the chase?
They better take a look around
Get their nose to the ground
Or they'll find themselves starin’
Again at my face.

Now, don’t mention this to the Bushes
N’ I hate to talk outa school,
But it seems kinda queer
To leave me standin’ here,
Is America that easy to fool?
Is this the exception, or is it the rule?

I thought Bush would follow, mama
His big talk is hollow,
I’m comin’ home now, will you fix me some chow?
Wait, I think I’m losing my signal
Lemme move over this hill

Hello mama, can you hear me now?
Hello mama, can you hear me now?
Hello mama, can you hear me now?
Hello mama, can you hear me now?