Bush &Co.'s transparent, sinister and destructive use of disdain, derision
and ridicule in their campaign to fool the American people, warrants the use of this song in response. I ain't proud of it, but if it's disdain and ridicule they want, I 've got plenty of it.



Snake Eyes
Looks like a monkey
Swinging back and forth
With his pants on fire

Snake Eyes
Are you the Devil
Or the anti-Christ
Or just a liar?

He was born one day
Too bad for us
His Pa too
Was an ignorant cuss
Brought him up to crave power
Taught him nuthin’ but greed
All in all, he’s a bad seed

Snake Eyes
Spawn o’ evil
Pokin’ all around
Where he’s got no business

Snake Eyes
I call ya "Bo Weevil"
That ain’t your birthday
We celebrate on Christmas.

Got a brain like a kidney bean
A heart like a bullet
Nasty kid stickin’ firecrackers
Down a frogs’ gullet.
Well boys will be boys
Mama always said
And we’d all be better off
If he were somewhere else instead.

Snake Eyes
Stand and deliver
You had your chance
You had your day

Snake Eyes
Ya lily-liver
If this was about courage
You'd be runnin' away.

From Gramps on down
throughout his heritage
The whole family apparently
hates America.
Do they all just make excuses?
Do they just lie all the time?
Is this a dynasty, or is it just a big ball of slime?

Snake Eyes
Now I'm pissed
Why'd you have to make us all
think about this?
Why do we have to waste our beautiful minds on this?