Florida has come unhinged
By how it deals with
Shall not be infringed
They’ve gone too far beyond all sense,
With their automatic self-defense
Could rob a bank down here
If people die
Just tell the judge
They made you cry
I had to shoot them in the eye
After all, your honor, they made me cry
The gavel pounds, high on the bench
That’s automatic self-defense
Everybody come on down
To the beaches and the Spanish towns
Express your hate with no pretense
They got automatic self-defense!
In Florida you can shoot
Anybody that you want
Without arrest or manhunt
I know it sounds crazy
It doesn’t make sense
But if you shoot someone in Florida
Well, that’s self-defense!
So, if you want to get rid of
Your mother-in-law
Just trick her into coming down to Florida
You can shoot her down here
There’s no jail sentence
It’s just automatic self-defense
Anybody in particular that you hate
Just bring ‘em on down
To the Sunshine state
If you got dead aim, there’s no suspense
Y’get automatic self-defense 
Everybody come on down
To the fishing and the surfing towns
If you stand your ground
Don’t give an inch
It’s automatic self-defense!
Unless you fire a warning shot
Then 20 years
Is what you got
To stand your ground
You gotta have the will
For that self-defense
You gotta shoot to kill!
If you see a kid
Don’t like his looks
He’s wearing a hoodie
Like all the crooks
It’s a gated community
There’re no low rents
You gotta kill him dead
With that self-defense
Everybody come on down
To the sand and surf
And the boardwalk towns
You gotta make the trip
Spare no expense
For the automatic self-defense
People dancing in the street
It’s so cool, it’s so neat
Come on down ladies and gents
Get your automatic self-defense
Express your hate without pretense
They got automatic self-defense down here, man; it’s crazy!
© 2012 Yikes McGee